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Natural Dog Food

Pup Pantry

The well-being of your pet starts with what you put in the food bowl. Bone Appetit offers dog and cat foods that are holistic, nutritious and high quality. Supplements help picky eaters, and chews keep jaws strong, teeth clean and breath fresher. Below is a sample of the offerings you will find at Bone Appetit to keep your puppy happy and healthy!

Food Brands:


Whole-food formulas that include a probiotic and human grade ingredients, Verus foods are made with hormone-free and antibiotic-free chicken, fish and lamb. There are no meat by-products, fillers or synthetic chemical preservatives in Verus foods. In addition, all Verus ingredients are sourced are sourced from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe. This includes potatoes sourced from Pennsylvania!


Annamaet, is a family owned and operated company in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Among other things, they make grain-free dog and cat food formulas sourced from human grade ingredients. The foods now offer Omega-3 fatty acids through the addition of algae.



BarkB-Q, Mutt-n-aise and Petchup are convenient, tasty and healthy condiment sauces that will make your picky eater drool for its kibble. The natural-food-grade sauces provide vital vitamins, minerals and nutrition and entice dogs and cats to dig in.

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Earth Animal

At Bone Appetit, we feature Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews. These chews are a long-lasting, healthy alternative to rawhide and come in a variety of sizes and great flavors like Salmon, Chicken and Beef.

Aussie Naturals

In addition to offering a wide selection of unique and fun toys, Aussie Naturals puts a different spin on traditional treats and chews. Is your pup an aggressive chewer? Try Aussie Naturals’ Horn Hider 2n1, a Water Buffalo horn wrapped with natural, unbleached rawhide. Also available without the rawhide, Water Buffalo horns are high in protein and low in fat and will provide your dog with hours of chewing pleasure.

Happy Dog of Cape Cod

Happy Dog of Cape Cod Elk Antlers are naturally shed and collected from free range Elk in Montana, within one year of being shed. Antlers are a great source of calcium and, because they are dropped each fall they are a renewable resource!