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Waggin' Tails

Toys and Supplies

A healthy dog is full of energy and ready to play. A good nap and a warm blanket also are an important part of a dog’s day. Bone Appetit offers dog toys and supplies for happy days filled with sitting, speaking, walking, chasing and dreaming.


Dog Toys, Beds, Food Bowls and Other Supplies by:

Tall Tails

Tall Tails® classic pet bed makes any space comfortable for your dog. It easily fits in a crate, car or corner napping spot to create a relaxing retreat. Made with the highest quality materials for long-lasting comfort and support. Select the perfect fit and fabric for your dog. Machine washable for simple maintenance.

Planet Dog

Since incorporating in 1997, Planet Dog has been known as the industry’s leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

Planet Dog creates, innovative, and develops premium products “made for dogs, by dog lovers” all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend.

West Paw Design

Our American made pet beds and pet toys are truly labors of love—handcrafted by skilled sewers at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. Made one at a time, our beds and fabric toys are crafted with care—and infused with pride from the person who made it.

And by smartly cutting every square inch of fabric to make our beds, we were able to keep over 1,366 yards of fabric out of the landfill by using the leftover fabric in our toys

Moody Pet Humunga Tongue Fetch Toy

It’s a ball! It’s a tongue! It’s Humunga Tongue! This huge, curly, cartoon tongue hanging out of your dog’s mouth will crack up the entire ‘hood. Great for a game of tongue o’ war, and of course, fetch. Hold it via the tongue to propel the ball farther, and to avoid the dreaded “slobberball!” Sure to make your pooch the star of the park…speaking of which, the dogs of Bruce Springsteen, Liv Tyler, and Chevy Chase have been seen sporting Humunga Tongues! Stick out your tongue, and say, “Awwwwesome!”

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Aussie Naturals

All-Natural and Eco-Friendly Toys

The mission Aussie Naturals has been to create Green and Earth Friendly Pet Gear in Decatur, GA.  “Aussie Naturals” brand was formed by seeing too much synthetic and man-made gear in the pet marketplace. Using materials such as: jute, wool, cotton, coconut fiber, natural gum rubber and leather in our pet products, they are ensuring a long and healthy eco sustainable future.

Yellow Dog Design

Collars and Leads

It All Starts With Art! Each design starts as an original work of art, created by talented designers and owner Mike Dempsey.
All with an eye for the hottest trends and years of experience creating top selling designs for pet market. Yellow Dog Design is dedicated to keeping the line of dog collars, leashes, harnesses and couplers fresh and exciting and full of hot sellers!

FLuff & Tuff

Sophisticated yet playful designs are appealing to both you and your dog(s), and our unique construction methods will significantly prolong the life of the toys. The Fluff & Tuff brand is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality with great service!

Petrageous Designs

PetRageous Designs’ pet bowls are designed to be functional, durable and attractive. Our stoneware pet bowls are made of the highest quality ceramic. Each is hand painted and oven-fired to resist fading and chipping. Our stainless steel dog bowl line offers a variety of metallic choices with embossed designs and non-slip rubber bottoms. Our designer plastic dog bowls are made of durable, light-weight plastic and feature non-slip rubber feet. All pet bowls are available in various shapes, sizes and styles.